Hosting Service

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Once your website is ready it needs to be publicly visible to do so you need hosting service. Web hosting enables your Website to associate with Globe. Even if your business is small or large it needs a space on the internet.

Hosting enables users to view your website on Internet, they just need to write your website address and the superpower servers holding your website file’s, transfer your website info to the user’s computer. Here we at Ez Template work on different sorts of hosting services including Cloud-Based Hosting, Dedicated Web server, CMS Hosting.

Our specialized team will grant you with a Unique domain lead, domain name, and different hosting services. We at Eztemplate have economical hosting plans relative to your business.

Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, two or more sites are placed on the same server. Typically all domains in shared hosting may share a general group of server resources resulting in increasing load time and slower response from server site. It becomes more affordable for users because the amount to operate server is shared between you and other owners. It's less flexible and speedy than other web hosting options. Shared hosting is the most general type of web hosting service. In shared hosting, most servers are based on Lamp and Linux system.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a modern paradigm web hosting services. In Cloud hosting your website is hosted on virtual servers that extracts their computing files from rooted networks of physical cloud servers. Cloud hosting divides the physical hardware server with alternative cloud servers using special Virtualization technology. Virtualization technology splits a personal computing objects into single or more virtual devices, each of them can be simply used and handled to perform computing processes.